The story mapping : An Agile Gemba Walk through User experience

Image During the last exercise of story mapping I facilitated , while repeating the question “What will this user do next?What are her options?”  I realized that the user experience discovering approach that brilliantly story mapping implements is so close of Lean Gemba walk. Both are about understanding what matters for those that will be most impacted by our initiative : the user. Or let’s say in the Lean Way “The Customer Obsession”.


Here is the thought in a couple of steps

“Who will use the software : We are happy to present the characters ! “

Gemba walk starts  value discovery and value creation in an entreprise end-to-end activity:  discover what is the value in our activity and why ? An for sure, value is linked to the benefit that that activity will bring to the user. Fist of all : “who are you my customer ? “What is your day made of ? “

And then there is the “persona” game, the story mapping preliminary to understand how “profiling” the application user will help us understand the best solution that matches her behavior.

Story mapping is relying on  option of scenarios in regards with idenftied profiles of users.


” When entering the tool what will the user do first? “

This is how story mapping activity starts. After the first step , what are the options for the next one? What does this choice mean if we look closer?

Performing a Gemba walk , from a different perspective,  is a great tool to understand what happens on the (value) production chain. Now, we need to agree that value is the usability of the product for the one we are trying hard to build it ( dear user, customer, I do love you!).  And we are going to see asking the same type of questions :

“What happens now?” And next?” What are the problems that you may observe?”

Gemba walk and Story mapping are both extraordinary tools to reinforce understanding or , how a brilliant lean expert said once “extraordinary tools for learning to see”.


User experience and Value Stream : The complementarity 

Or put it in anoher way ,  t might sound like this : ” How will you use my product will help me improve the way I’m building it”

When the the story mapping exercise was over, I was surprised of this  elegant evidence:


Story mapping is a A Gemba Walk to gain user experience on the software I’ll be building

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Après une expérience de plus de 15 ans le développement logiciel et le management des équipes IT (de l’architecture applicative chez General Electric à la tête de la direction informatique d’Eurosport) , Oana a arrêté son choix sur les démarches Agile, qu’elle pense être l’approche la plus adaptée pour les organisation du 21ème siècle, focalisées sur la réalisation produits de qualité, pertinents pour leur clients des produits et disponibles au plus vite, en s’appuyant sur des équipes épanouies. Oana intervient à la fois comme catalyseur de Transformation Agile, en aidant les organisation ( du coeur de métier au développement et services support ) à adopter Agile, et comme coach et/ou formateur Agile et Lean Coach sur le terrain des équipes projet. Son credo est l’évolution durable via le soutien de la collaboration et le bénéfice de l’intelligence collective : un résultant remarquable ne peut être créé qu’avec des contributeurs volontaires .Dans le même esprit du soutien de la “connaissance connectée, créatrice de valeur”, et partage des connaissances, Oana participe activement dans la communauté Agile française et internationale; Elle est intervenue comme orateur dans plusieurs conférences comme XP2012, Agile Tour, ALE, et comme organisateur actif des évènements Agile au niveau européen
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